Frequently asked questions

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of growing without soil. It uses water to deliver nutrients straight to the root and uses 90% less water than traditional soil-grown processes while having more nutrient levels as organically grown produce.

Why does West Georgia Produce leafy greens last longer?

Our produce is harvested and delivered on the same day (at no extra cost!) to maximize freshness and nutrient density. Several items are delivered with the roots still attached which allows the produce to last up to 5 times longer.

What are the benefits of a climate-controlled environment?

A climate-controlled environment like the West Georgia Produce greenhouses keep out pests and regulate temperatures so we can grow sustainable and pesticide-free produce all year round! Temperatures and nutrients are constantly monitored and adjusted to allow plants to thrive.

Why is hydroponic farmer safer?

Soil from around the world is increasingly contaminated with diseases, metals, and harmful bacteria. Since we can control the nutrients and water quality of our NFT hydroponic system and there is no soil, West Georgia Produce removes the threat of toxins and creates a disease-resistant, sterile environment. There are never any preservatives, chemicals, or alterations to our produce EVER!

Why should people avoid bagged lettuce and lettuce grown in soil?

Leafy vegetables account for 22% of all food-borne illness and are recalled frequently. That's more than meat and poultry contaminations combined. Diseases from soil-based lettuce have caused many hospitalizations and deaths. The need for disease-resistant, soil-free farming is more important now than ever.

What does West Georgia Produce do to give back to the community?

West Georgia Produce donates 25% off all sales (not just profits) to FIGHTCHILDHOODOBESITY.ORG. We are also dedicated to the small-town we farm in and are proud to hire local members of the community. We also actively donate our produce year-round to schools, restaurants, and food pantries. Atlanta Food Bank

Why do hydroponic plants grow faster?

Hydroponic produce grows 30-50% faster than soil-grown produce because the exact nutrients needed per plant type is delivered straight to the root. Hydroponic plants don't need to exert extra energy creating extensive root sytems to find food and can instead focus all of its energy on upward leaf growth. Ultimately, hydroponic produce is more nutritional, larger in size, and healthier since the plant can draw nutrients from the water constantly.