Our Story

West Georgia Produce specializes in growing hydroponic/climate-controlled produce without pesticides, preservatives, or modifications. Our produce is PRIMUS and NONGMO certified and delivered locally at no additional charge. It is delivered the same day it is harvested ensuring it is as nutrient-rich and fresh as possible. We use less land and 90% less water than traditional farming making our practices sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Our produce is affordable, fresh, and convenient!

Founded in 2018, West Georgia Produce is a family owned hydroponic farm growing a variety of greens. Located just 50 miles west of Atlanta in Roopville, GA, West Georgia Produce is producing 11,000 plants a week, in two 7,200 square foot greenhouses.

From the start, the vision of West Georgia Produce and the Weeks Family was to provide self-sustaining greenhouses in rural areas and schools, that produce these nutrient-rich greens, at no cost. What started as a local mission to provide quality produce to our community, has now grown to a scale that allows us to provide this same quality, pesticide-free, NON-GMO produce on a broader scale to Atlanta area restaurants. In just 6 short months, West Georgia Produce went from harvesting our first crops, to selling out an entire greenhouse and supplying our fresh basil and lettuce varieties across the southeast.

We don't plan on stopping now, we have more greenhouses to build and new cities to bring our nutrient-rich, fresh greens to!

Our goal is to provide the best basil, lettuce, and other herbs to the lovers of leafy greens.

                    - Jamie Weeks, Founder, West Georgia Produce

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